It's different here.

Why? At SPECTRA, we utilize a comprehensive model to treat the whole individual. We set out to find a solution that would bring both relief and unity to families through their services. For many, services can be a burden - both emotionally and financially. A broad range of services and expertise can be hard to find, expensive to maintain, and difficult to navigate. 

It is common for services to be focused solely on the individual being treated. Marriages and partnerships are often times put into a holding pattern, family members and siblings wonder what is happening around them, and there’s typically a caregiver or parent behind it all, working hard for their loved one and not stopping for a moment to think about the weight on their own shoulders.

The Interdisciplinary Intervention Model (II Model) was originally published in 2004, offering a progressive solution that would address these concerns:

  • Multiple services available under one roof
  • Clinicians trained to collaborate across disciplines and programs
  • Services to support family members, including parent training and individual and family counseling

SPECTRA treatment goals are written to include multiple disciplines. Collaboration and staff training across disciplines is a standard that has been incorporated for a comprehensive program. The II Model was originally developed in response to the resonating request for evidence-based treatment in the world of autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders. It has quickly expanded as the need for cross-training, professional collaboration, and unified services continues to increase within the fields of behavioral and mental health.