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 The SPECTRA School

The school facility is licensed by the Colorado Department of Education and offers specialized programming for students with ASD. Programming has been collectively established from the Colorado Academic Standards, an individualized curriculum for each student based on his / her IEP and the Interdisciplinary Intervention Model.  SPECTRA School's goal is to facilitate reintegration of students back into their home school. It is important to  identify challenging areas within the classroom and school, map out a systematic means to address them, and work together with the school to establish a transitional program that will bring the child successfully back into the classroom. With the stabilization of maladaptive behaviors, the Spectra staff can focus on a child's strengths in an academic and functional setting, making notable progress in less time.  

  Age: 5 years to 18 years            Options: Limited spaces available; year-round enrollment accepted

What's different at the Spectra school?

We work for and with the teachers and staff in the education system. The SPECTRA School was established to provide school districts with a partner in the community that shares a similar goal for children and families. We been around long enough to know that IEPs, school budgets, family preferences, and staff recommendations don't always settle on a middle ground that suits everybody's needs just right. In accordance with the Interdisciplinary Intervention Model, all of our students have access to the Clinical Staff and will be seen by our Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist / Counselor, and Board Certified Behavior Analyst on a consistent basis to ensure all aspects of the student's needs are monitored.

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