unity and coordination in treatment

 Clinical services

  Individual services offered by licensed professionals, including:  

 Speech therapy » Direct intervention, consultation and assessment of language and communication skills
   Occupational therapy » Direct intervention, consultation and assessment of sensory, motor, and activities of daily living skills
   Behavior Consultation » Direct intervention, Functional Behavior Assessments, Functional Analyses, Behavior Intervention Plans
   Individual & Family Therapy » Services for symptoms including anxiety, depression, self-regulation, and executive functioning

 18 months and up
                    Options: Scheduled in accordance with availability of the clinician                           Location: Center-based services

 Early childhood program

  1:1 behavioral intervention for little ones offered in a small group setting 

 The program provides a 1:1 ratio for up to 6 learner in each classroom. Each child's individualized intervention plan reflects goals in all six    domains in the II Model. The group follows a stimulating activity-based curriculum which provides them with consistent opportunities    to participate in important learning experiences to address fundamental skills including communication, requesting, following directions,  sharing, initiating and engaging in play, potty-training, eating, dressing, self-regulation, and learning some basics in safety.

Age: 18 months to 5 years
                   Options: Mornings (8:30 - 11:30) / Afternoons (12:00 - 3:00)                                 Location: Center-based services

 Childhood /& Adolescent Program

  Center and community based 1:1 behavioral intervention to develop functional skills in a small group setting

 This program is designed as an option for our school age learners that need assistance in building skills with a 1:1 level of support. After school,  this group of kids toss their backpack aside and join staff while they work on everything from snack preparation, to hygiene routines,  completion of daily chores, and participation in small group activities with peers.

Age: 6 years to 12 years; 13 years to 18 years
                           Options: Afternoon sessions                                    Location: Center-based services

 Young adult Program

  Vocational training and job coaching for young adults to assist in making transitional life steps

 This program is a stepping stone to assist individuals as they move from school and full-time programming into their long-term setting. Areas  of focus include vocational training, job coaching, adaptive daily living skills and behavior consultation to promote independent, healthy living. 

Age: 16 years to 21 years                                                      
Options: Full and half day programs                  Location: Center and community-based services

 Social Skills groups 

  Small group sessions geared toward building friendships

 The Super Series Social Skills Groups provide small group sessions that promote appropriate play and leisure skills, social interaction skills,  language pragmatics, social  emotional functioning, self-regulation, activities of daily living, and behavioral development 

Age: 6 years to 12 years; 13 years to 18 years
                         Options: Afternoon sessions available                           Location: Center-based services

 diagnostic Testing & Assessments

  A wide range of professional testing and assessments offered by the Clinical Team, including:

  Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Evaluations, as well as single discipline assessments (i.e. Psychological Evaluations, Speech /
  Language Evaluations, Occupational Therapy Evaluations, Functional Behavior Assessments, and Functional Analyses.
  Diagnostic and assessment services vary depending on the individual's age, but typically include standardized measures of
  diagnostic indicators, cognitive and developmental functioning, social emotional functioning, adaptive and maladaptive behavior,
  speech / language and communication functioning levels, and motor and daily living skills

Age: 18 months to 21 years
Options: Scheduled in accordance with availability of clinicians                  Location: Center-based services

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